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Vibrant Willows

The blue sparrow comes to my window every day, with its beautiful wings flapping while she is drinking water from my AC drain. She has her friends with her today a green and a red bird. I am watching their playful charade from my window and as I turn to the balcony butterflies fluttering on the bright beautiful flowers.”

Yes, friends today these small moments where nature shares its beautiful miracle with us are the most cherished moments in the day. This has inspired us to create a collection which captures this beauty, “The Vibrant Willows”.

Bring home this collection to change the décor for your kids room or add the quirky touch to your living spaces. It is exceptional and mesmerizing with its simplicity and vibrance. The cushion covers adorn embroidery appliqué work with quirky vibe. These pillows have colourful birds, butterflies, owls and quirky frog in embroidery and patch work. To complete the look handwoven, tufted rugs are added.

Rugs add a completely new dynamics to room and make the entire décor stand out. In addition they add the comfort and relaxed look.

The décor addition of unique animal figurines make it unusual and boho chic.  We love the unconventional vibe they add to complete collection.

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